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The Tahany Academy of dancing based in Leitrim is set to take the World Irish dancing championships by storm in London, Easter 2014. The highly respected school will bring its powerful dance and message to a global audience. The central theme is that of a rural community led by its farmers standing up to the threat of Fracking. It is a modern day allegory and a call to action for Ireland to move away from the temptation of short term gain towards a vision of a sustainable future for its community and for future generations. The title is “My Farm I Adore” The troupe will give two performances at Easter, April 17th and 18th 2014, updated timetable available at this link. Find out more on the dance school on the Tahany Academy of dancing facebook page. You can have a sneak preview of this wonderful performance in the video below which shows the dancers hard at work in rehearsal.

“Tis my farm I adore”

Our dance portrays a current affair, presently affecting the Northwest of Ireland!

The threat of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” in the beautiful Glens of Leitrim and Fermanagh.

A national income from the supply of Natural Gas, at the cost of our farming, tourism, heritage, health, water and beautiful landscapes.

Our dance tells the story of a local farmer’s fight with the frackers!

The cockerel crows — a sign of a new day,

the farm animals wake and begin to play.

The local farmer tends to his land,

When the postman comes by and shakes his hand.

Gives him his post and as he’s on his way,

the farmer reads it, he begins to sway.

The news of corruption, a lack of respect,

and fracking on his door step he stops and reflects;

What was then, is not now, for ever thing has changed,

for worse not better,  things will never be the same.

It’s time to take a stand,

hold our heads up high,

fight for our land,

not let this pass us by.

I’ll gather the farmers and we’ll fight till the end,

we will not be beaten,

with this we intend.

We’ll show them we mean business,

they can take back their threats,

if they try to bribe us we’ll knock it on the head.

If they want a fight, a fights what they’ll get,

we’ll stand tall together and prove this I bet.

Our mischievous sons will follow in our ways,

for these will be their farms soon, someday.

We’ll gather our placards, shout as loud as we can,

till people take notice and understand what’s the plan.

The land will be free to thrive once more,

the water — drinkable — clean and pure.

The animals will return and beauty restored,

for I am a farmer and its my farm I Adore.



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