Sinn Fein hears from fracking experts and pledges to block fracking 20/02/15

Sinn Fein hears from fracking experts and pledges to block fracking- Release Love Leitrim 20/02/15

Sinn Fein held an all island antifracking conference with a packed hall of up to 300 people in the Lough Erne resort in Fermanagh on Friday Feb 20th where they heard from a panel of speakers including a live link up with fracking expert and Professor in Engineering Anthony Ingraffea from Cornell University.

Professor Ingraffea said the scientific evidence was now out there, with 447 scientific papers already available on the industry, the majority referring to negative effects. He spoke also of how it was important to make a distinction and not just focus on fracking as it was the whole process of exploration and extraction of oil and gas from shale rock that was a problem. He spoke on how New York gained their recent fracking ban some of which was by taking a lead on energy alternatives , positively saying ‘Yes’ to renewables and ‘No’ to fracking. He asked people to think of the kind of world they wanted for their children, including the type of jobs for them. He said ‘You don’t want your sons and daughters employed in an industry that harms people’

President of Sinn Fein Gerry Adams said that fracking caused a ‘grave’ risk to the all island farming industry including the 230,000 jobs that Bord Bia says is linked to the agri food sector. Sinn Feins MEP Martina Anderson who hosted the conference pledged that Sinn Fein would block fracking when it got to the planning stage on the island of Ireland. And they would bring any application to the Northern Ireland executive.

There was a good representation of antifracking groups from across Ireland present who were eager to put their points of view across. Chairperson of Love Leitrim Eddie Mitchell highlighted the situation of Ballinlea in Co. Antrim where Rathlin Energy is planning to drill a borehole in a bid to search for oil and gas. Mr Mitchell asked the conference what Sinn Fein were going to do to deal with this. Members of the Protect Our North Coast group representing residents from Ballinlea also articulated similar concerns. Michael Colreavy TD for Sligo/North Leitrim in response at the end of the conference offered to review the situation in Northern Ireland.

Tom White of Love Leitrim

Michelle Gildernew Sinn Fein MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone

Dr.Brenna O’Roarty

John Sheridan of FFAN and Tom White

Matt Carthy Sinn Fein MEP

Dr.Brenna O’Roarty

Gary McFarlane of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health NI

Eddie Mitchell, Chair of Love Leitrim

Gerry Adams Sinn Fein President, Martina Anderson Sinn Fein MEP and Michael Colreavey Sinn Fein TD

Andy Gheorghiu author of “Fracking Frenzy: How the fracking industry is threatening the planet”

Dr.Carroll O’Dolan of FFAN