Lets get on with the business of banning fracking! – Love Leitrim release 01/12/16


Responses to the UGEE Joint Research Programme report

Love Leitrim warmly welcomed Minister Naughten response to the long awaited EPA report released November 30th. In his statement the Minister displayed a zero tolerance to the risks highlighted by the report from fracking. These risks included pollution threats to groundwater and negative impacts on climate change.  There was also an admission in the report of gaps and lack of knowledge on ways to safeguard the detrimental aspects of the industry

Love Leitrim also appreciated Minister Naughten acknowledgement of the damage fracking could cause to the fabric of rural life.

Love Leitrim’s Eddie Mitchell was keen to get back to the work at hand. In October 27th there was cross party support for Deputy Tony Mcloughlins bill to ban fracking. Mitchell said that he was happy that all elected representatives can now “get back to the business of banning fracking”

He said
“Now we feel there’s no need to delay. We are keen to get back to our bill and get it back in front of the Dail and eventually on the table of the president and onto the statute books”

He also acknowledged that Love Leitrim would be doing everything in their power to support the bill on its journey.
“We all need to be vigilant and protect this peoples bill to ban fracking from any and all threats coming at it”


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