Back The Bill as submission date looms

Love Leitrim and national groups including ‘Friends of the Earth Ireland’ and ‘Uplift’ are urging people in Ireland to get their voice heard on the current public consultation on fracking, which ends next Thursday Feb 2nd.- Friday Feb 10th - Update deadline has been extended to Friday Feb 10th.

Love Leitrim are reminding business and community organisations, and local people in the region of the importance of using the opportunity to have their say on fracking by sending in a submission by Feb 10th and Back The Bill. The consultation seeks the public’s opinion on the legislation on fracking passed unanimously in the Dáil on October 2016 to its next stage, as well as the recent EPA report published last month.

Love Leitrim have been busy compiling their own submission due to go live on the site, later this week.  Templates are also available on our website for people to get wording or information to assist them to complete a submission.

Members have also been active on the ground in the Glens Centre, the farmers market and will be at forthcoming marts and bingo spreading the word. They even got as far as the capital where local farmer Michael Gallagher joined forces with poet Stephen Murphy in a Dublin rally last Saturday 21st to let the crowd know it was their right to speak up.

Eddie Mitchell spokesperson of Love Leitrim said


“The bottom line is we all have a voice and a responsibility to use it if we can, as we are all living in the area that will be effected should fracking come in. We are advising members of the public but also calling on businesses, community groups, and organisations in sports, the arts, tourism and the food sector to send in a submission.  Just tell the government loud and clear that you support the bill to ban fracking and you don’t want your businesses, families and communities to be put at risk’

While there is an acknowledgement that some people might feel intimidated by the formality of writing a submission Mitchell reassures them


“ Just use this opportunity to tell our political representatives that you don’t want fracking, and why it’s important for you that the bill continues. If its a hand written letter from you and your local Active Retirement group, or just simply signing a template letter its important that our politicians  hear you, and that you have your say. We are all in this together to make sure this bill gets to become law this year.  This is your way to Back The Bill.”

Meanwhile “Friends of the Earth Ireland” and “Uplift’ have launched petitions nationally which can be found online to show the level of opposition to fracking and support of the bill. They are calling on people to sign up. They will be delivering the petition in time for Feb 2nd Feb 10th. (Extended)


Love Leitrim advises the public that submissions can be emailed to

or posted to;
The Clerk,
Joint Committee on Communications,
Climate Action and Environment at the Houses of the Oireachtas,
Leinster House Kildare Street Dublin 2
D02 XR20

Friends of the Earth petition:
Friends of the Earth Ireland campaigns on climate change to further our vision of environmental justice and sustainability.

Uplift petition:
The Oireachtas is asking you for your thoughts on fracking and unconventional extraction of fossil fuels. In October, they unanimously agreed to the principle of introducing legislation that would ban all fracking activities in Ireland. Now they want to know what the public thinks on the matter. There are lots of reasons why fracking is bad news. And mounting global and national peer reviewed and scientific evidence that taking oil and gas out of the ground poses a significant…



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